Our Havens

Kirstin’s Haven Housing Program 

We provide veterans, low income, and homeless persons in the DC Metro region with safe, permanent supportive housing options.

Our goal is to provide individuals and families with a foundation to begin the process of stabilization. We offer resources and services in the community that enable our participants to become empowered to live self-sufficient and productive lives.

Shared Housing

Home sharing consists of 2-3 individuals sharing and maintaining a home. This model allows families to live in a home setting, split the monthly rent /utilities while also providing a level of social support to one another.

Prince George’s County

The Prince George’s County location currently house five veterans. Residents at Kirstin’s Haven have a supportive case management team that assists with everyday struggles and provides them access to resources that enable them to overcome challenges. Referrals to partner agencies assist residents in meeting mental, emotional, and physical needs.

One full-time and two part time staff, including a licensed social worker and a registered nurse, along with over a dozen community volunteers ensure that the veterans at Kirstin’s Haven obtain the services they need to rebuild their lives. Services available include: substance abuse services, mental health counseling, (individual and group) medication management, vocational training, financial management, vocational and communication skills development, transportation, personal development, community involvement, life skills, parenting skills development, case management and referrals.



Our Baltimore house was donated by Wells Fargo Stabilization Program.

With the help of Home Depot Foundation and The Home Depot Parkville#2577 store, the Baltimore location is being rehabbed to house at least 7 individual veterans or veterans with families.

As Kirstin’s Haven Inc. expands to Baltimore, Maryland we plan to work closely with Veterans in the Maryland Center for Veterans Employment and Training (MCVET) who are in transitional housing, in efforts to provide them with long term or permanent housing supports with case management. These supports will include a collaborative relationship with Veteran Peer Pilot Program through Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans, BHA, DHMH to provide long term solutions to veterans facing homelessness and a need for long term housing and case management.  Our target date for completion of this project will be November 2016.

Housing Program

Who qualifies for KHI Housing?

  • Primarily male and female Veterans and other homeless individual’s, and those at risk of homelessness;

  • Low income: 18 years of age or older

  • Single or married
  • Maryland or District of Columbia resident
  • Willing to participates in KHI activities
  • Serious about stabilization & self sufficiency in order to sustain their lives

Permanent Supportive Housing
PSH residents will complete an eight step guided case management program that offers:

  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Mental Health Counseling  - Individual, Group, Medication Management
  • Vocational Training
  • Financial Management Skills Development
  • Leisure Activities
  • Personal Development
  • Community Involvement Alternatives
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting Skills Development
  • Case Management and Referrals

Supportive Services

Throughout your involvement with our housing options our clients have access to:

  • Supportive case management to assist with short and long term goals
  • Access to resources that provide them with tools to overcome challenges they may face
  • Referrals to partner agencies to assist them or their family with mental, emotional and physical needs

Based on the referral source, some of the KHI participants receive temporary housing vouchers and supports through the referring agency based on that agency’s resources. There are additional participants who are responsible for paying their own expenses through limited income sources, such as VA disability award benefits, Supportive Service Veterans Family Funding (SSVF), Employment, Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Benefits, and monetary support or donations from family members.

One constant factor remains is that all of our men and women desire stability, integrity, and the ability to remain independent and productive in their own permanent housing. KHI has a proven track record of creating long term solutions for housing for participants. They are able to live in suitable and safe housing in a nurturing and mentor-based program. Kirstin’s Haven’s community supports ensure that client needs are met and create a continuum of supports directed for independence.