GREAT NEWS! We are currently in the process of becoming CARF Accredited!!!

We provide individualized clinical treatment and rehabilitation services to homeless veterans and individuals with mental health, substance abuse and challenges. Our services are comprised of stable housing for homeless veterans, comprehensive counseling services, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), DUI/DWI Education classes, and Level 1 Outpatient Substance Abuse treatment, our primary goal is to provide quality behavioral health services to assist our clients in developing and maintaining their wellness and recovery.

Coming soon…..W2F Community Resource Center (W2FCRC) a 501c3 non-partisan, nonprofit organization that works with companies, charities, and individuals to make giving simpler, efficient, and effective. Managed by Good360, the leader in product philanthropy, W2FCRC offers new non-perishables and home product donations to other non-profit organizations in DC Metro Region.